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Master Chen Zhengzhong: Yiquan-Taiji Master from Shanghai and Hong Kong

Master Chen Zhengzhong (Chan Ching Chung )

Master Chen is the student of Chen Zhaokui in Chen Style Taijiquan and Ning Dazhuang (a student of Wang Xianzhai, the originator of Yiquan) in Yang Taiji and Yiquan (I-chuan ). Master Chen is also the Vice-President of the Hong Kong Yiquan Society.

Tony has known Master Chen Zhengzhong since 1997, and was impressed by Master Chen's straight forward and precise teaching (without beating around the bushes). Tony really appreciates and is enlightened with the Yiquan training method systematically applying the intention within the standing postures and test strength drills.

Ning Dazhuang (Ning Dai Chun)

Ning Dazhuang (Ning Dai Chun) and Chen Zhengzhong (Chan Ching Chung).

Hong Kong Yiquan Society, photo taken in 1987. Master Chen Zhengzhong (Chan Ching Chung),is seated in the front row, third from right (circled).

Master Chen Zhengzhong (Chan Ching Chung),can be contacted at 27239203.

1st annual Yiquan Society meeting in Peking. ? Attendees were Wang Yufang (Wang Xianzhai's daughter) and Wang Xianzhai's senior students and direct descendants.
Master Chen Zhengzhong and Tony.

Master Chen Zhengzhong in the Hun Yuan Zhuang.

Master Chen Zhengzhong at Tony's Daly City class.

Master Chen Zhengzhong in the Taming the Tiger Zhuang.

Master Chen Zhengzhong and attendees of an invitation only yiquan workshop.

Tony and his friends visited Master Chen and his group in 2003

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