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Photo Gallery
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Tony Demonstrating Chen Style Forms
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Chen Youze and Chen Youqiang

Friends, Other Instructors, Fellow Students

Master Feng Zhiqiang

Master Chen Qingzhou's 1993-1994 U.S. Visit

Master Chen Qingzhou's 1999 U.S. Visit
picture of Master Wong Wai Yi & Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou performing push hands

Master Chen Qingzhou's 2001 U.S. Visit

Master Chen Qingzhou's School in Wenxian, China

Master Chen Xiaowang

Master Chen Zhengzhong

Special Event Demos by Tony's Students

Tony's China Trip: Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou and Family

Tony's China Trip: Taiji Conference at Wenxian County

Tony's China Trip: Sightseeing/Feng Zhiqiang's group in Beijing

Tony's Classes

Tony's Instructors

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