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Chen Style Taijiquan

performed by Tony Wong's Students

CITY OF MOUNTAIN VIEW CENTENNIAL ICE CREAM SOCIAL Sunday,  June 30, 2002   12 noon - 5:00 p.m.   Admission Free

Taiji Demonstration Program

Directions & Map to Cuesta Park, Mountain View

Sunday,  June 30, 2002
Chen Taiji (Tai Chi) Demonstration begins at 4:30 p.m.
Location:   International Stage next to the Tennis Courts at Cuesta Park.

Opening Remarks

Silk-reeling Exercises and Qigong:  demonstrated by
-Shifu Loren Chin (leader)
-Marlon Bishop
-Anthony Carnemolla
-Amara Goodman
-Wendy Hebard
-Mel Jenssen
-Ken Ng
-Will Spangler
-Tomone Tanaka
Chen Style Xin Jia 48 Form:   performed by Shifu Vivian Mao

Chen Family Taijiquan Empty-hand & Weapon Forms:

Chen Family Lao Jia YiLu:   performed by Shifu Cosmo Tahira

Single Sword:    performed by Shifu Stephen Gale

Spear Form:    performed by Shifu Mark Gregario

Closing Remarks


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