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    Bay Area Taiji Exhibition
    October 26, 2003

    Time: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Place: Foothill College campus, Los Altos Hills
    This taiji event is organized and sponsored by the National Neigong Research Society (NNRS) and co-sponsored by Chen Qingzhou Martial Arts Association and Taijiquan Tutelage of Palo Alto.

    What: Different taiji style demonstrations, including empty hand forms, push hands pattern, weapons, and other training techniques. Short workshops including Qigong, Chinese medicine, Tui na, Acupuncture, etc... 

    Admission Fee: $5.00 per person (free admission for children under 16 with adult). To purchase tickets: Go to Daly City class on Monday/Thursday night or Mountain View class on Tuesday night. See "Class Locations/Schedule" for direction to these classes.

    Parking: Park at Lot 2-A (which is closest to the gym). This lot has no parking ticket dispenser. To purchase parking ticket: $2.00 (8 quarters required) ticket can be purchased from any Red and Yellow permit dispenser at any other lot and can be used in Lot 2-A.

    Detail: Click here for details

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